A.M. Manay

Creation of

Social Media Graphics

Inquiries related to author services should be directed to pythonesspress@gmail.com

I will design and create social media graphics for your writing project at a rate of $5 per graphic if I am required to source the images and text.  If you provide images and text, I will create 2 graphics (or a single graphic in two different formats) for $5. 

Common formats include Facebook post, Facebook ad, Facebook header, Twitter header, Twitter post, and Instagram post.

Click here for some examples of my work.

Proofreading of Novels, Novellas, and

Short Stories

I offer proofreading services at the rate of $5 per 2500 words with a $5 minimum per project. 

I will correct typos as well as errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, and formatting inconsistencies.  I work in the Microsoft Word file format and will deliver both a track changes file and a clean final copy.

I will also provide some overall feedback and suggestions for the project. 

More involved editing or rewriting would need to be negotiated based on the particulars of the project.

References can provided upon request.

Editing Sample 1

Editing Sample 2

Editing Sample 3